On this page you can find my publication list, talks that I gave at conferences and in seminars, as well as information on a book that I’m preparing.

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My articles can usually be found in their newest version on my arXiv page.

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The following articles were already accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

  1. The extension problem for fractional Sobolev spaces with a partial vanishing trace condition, appeared in Arch. Math. in 2021. arXiv link.
  2. The Kato square root problem on locally uniform domains, with M. Egert and R. Haller. Appeared in Adv. Math. in 2020. arXiv link.
  3. Interpolation theory for Sobolev functions with partially vanishing trace on irregular open sets, with M. Egert. Appeared in JFAA in 2019. arXiv link.

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The following articles are in preparation or submitted.

  1. Weighted non-autonomous $L^q(L^p)$ maximal regularity for complex systems under mixed regularity in space and time, with F. Gabel. Submitted in 2022. arXiv link.
  2. $L^p$ bounds for square roots of elliptic systems on open sets. Submitted in 2022. arXiv link.
  3. Off-diagonal bounds for the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator, with E.M. Ouhabaz. Submitted in 2022. arXiv link.
  4. Sobolev extension operators for functions with partially vanishing trace, with R.M. Brown, R. Haller, and P. Tolksdorf. Submitted in 2021. arXiv link.

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I’m currently preparing a book based on my PhD thesis about mixed boundary conditions, function spaces, and Kato’s square root property that will appear in Birkhäuser’s series Linear Operators and Linear Systems.

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10/2022 Harmonic Analysis for Semigroups on Commutative and Non-commutative $L^p$ spaces, Marne-la-Vallée, France
10/2022 Function spaces and applications (slides), Apolda, Germany
10/2019 Evolution Equations: Applied and Abstract Perspectives (slides), CIRM 2071, Luminy, France
05/2019 Parabolic Equations, Harmonic Analysis and Spectral Theory (slides), Bad Herrenalb, Germany

Seminar talks Link to heading

12/2022 Analysis seminar (slides), invited by Moritz Egert, TU Darmstadt, Germany
11/2022 Function space seminar (slides), invited by Jonas Sauer, Universität Jena, Germany
09/2022 Analysis seminar, TU Delft, Netherlands
07/2022 Analysis seminar, invited by Patrick Tolksdorf, Universität Mainz, Germany
02/2022 Analysis seminar (slides), invited by Andreas Seeger, UW-Madison (via Zoom), United States
11/2021 Séminaire d’EDP, Université de Bordeaux, France
07/2020 Analysis seminar (slides), invited by Mark Veraar, TU Delft (via Zoom), Netherlands
02/2020 Function space seminar, invited by Winfried Sickel, Universität Jena, Germany
08/2018 Analysis seminar, invited by Jan Meichsner, TUHH, Germany
02/2018 Langenbach Seminar, invited by Joachim Rehberg, WIAS Berlin, Germany

PhD defense Link to heading

For an overview of the topics in my PhD thesis, you can have a look on the slides that I presented during my PhD defense.

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  • 3rd best talk at the Oberwolfach Seminar 2247b, awarded by a bottle of Saint-Émilion wine